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Submitted on: Sep 14, 2017 at 02:06 PM
Race and Class
Night Elf Demon Hunter
Real life name, age, gender and nationality

Aki is the name, 24 years old from Serbia

Are you applying for raiding trial or social membership or, other?


Do you know anyone in guild? Be specific if its in real life or in game. To be accepted as social you must know one of our guild members. This member has to confirm it with a reply to your application

I used to be in this guild in the tbc times and bit in wotlk. I just saw it yeterday by acident and I would like to rejoin :) Made a big break from the game and now am back for a casual/social play, I started with legion again. Looking at your rooster I recongnised some names and I know I played with those ppl but it was a long time ago. I recognised Bigpaul, Palinthia, Spartans, Riek, Schwaurtz, Dushica and there are probably more since I didnt look through the whole rooster. I actualy even had a cinversation with Schwaurtz in the early legion(about a year ago) when he recognizes my name while we were both questing :D

Character name, class, mainspec and any raid viable offspec

Name is Sleyne, but its not the same char I used to play all that time. Char I used to main was Kakarone, witch sadly no longer exist. People I mentioned above might recognize the name(except bigpaul sadly, i heard about him couple of years ago), it was a night elf rogue. Curently Im playing Havoc on DH and its geared somewhere about 925eq, and I might gear up tanking spec aswell at some point in the furure but not for now.

How long has this character been your main?

The character is not my main. The Night Elf rogue I mentioned above is the one I main still but have since moved him to hrode to play with some irl friends and is on Kazzak now.

Provide a WoW Armory link below (Please logout in PvE gear!)
Playtime on your character (total and at level 110)

I have about 2 days on the DH, but like a milion on the rogue, since I started along with expansion realese and havent stoped since.

If guildless why did you leave your last guild? If still in one why are you looking to leave?

Im in some dead social guild that used to be active b4 realese and I joined them just couse I liked the name :P But these days Im the only one who is ever online, so basicly same as guildless.

Are you prepared to be in a 20m team for Mythic Raiding and its limited spots and is your PC up to the task? Also how do you feel about officers analyzing your logs and giving you pointers on where to improve or where you may be making mistakes and letting the group down?

Sadly my irl time table does not allow me to play as much as I would like. So Im not aplying for raiding spot, but if I ever decide to go for trail I wanna answer your second question. I actualy think that outside analysis from other good players is best way to improve. I love constructive critisizam and am allways open to it, and in my opinion a healthy raid team should have that going on all the time from every1 to every1, asuming every player is the team is skillled enough to give advice ofc.

Please include any logs of your character here

Dont have any longs since I dont log and I havent played this char a lot. But as you know dhs are broken and easy, so its prity solid resaults when I pug raids(witch I have bean doing for 1-2 weeks now).

What do you do yourself to improve yourself in terms of DPS, HPS, raid awareness or in general?

For DPS I do reasrch on how to improve my stat weighs and that hit that dummy until my fingers bleed to see what gear/rytham proves best. Raid avernes is just practice and preperation by vids and guides basicly. Allso, the advice and claass/spec discution! If some1 has useful advice Im allwasys open to it :)

What made you apply to Epiunion?

As I mentioned earlyer, Im an ooold member and I when I saw the guild still exist I came here :)

Raiding experience

EN Normal, EN Heroic, EN Mythic, NH Normal, NH Heroic

Are you able to raid in our scheduled days? Sunday 1800 to 2300, Thursday 1945 to 2300 Server Time
We require our raiding members to have Bossmods, EPGPLootmaster, Angry Assignments and Ora3 installed and active during raids. Are you happy to run these? We communicate over Discord/Mumble so that will be required to have installed aswell.
Are you prepared to be able to cover the costs required associated with raiding - Flasks, Food, Potions, Enchants, Gems, Repairs?
Why do you play WoW / What do you want from the game?

I love the warcaft lore aswell as the gameplay of this game, thats the main reason. Also the PvE content, I have bean PvE player for as long as Im playing games, and I really enjoy any cind of PvE activity :)

What's your expectations from Epiunion as a guild?

Reuiniting with some ppl I used to play with and good social enviroment with healty and constructive teamplay :)

With a few words, tell us what you will bring to the guild and how you can contribute to us and our raids

Good atitude as a first thing :D And if I ever commit to raiding, I can guarantie profesional playstile with everything I talked above about constant improvment and good will for anything that will improve the whole guild PvE team :)


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Welcome back to Epi, let me know when your on for a g invite....


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