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Submitted on: Aug 31, 2017 at 05:46 PM
Race and Class
Human Hunter
Real life name, age, gender and nationality

Martin Andersen 23, Male, Denmark

Are you applying for raiding trial or social membership or, other?

Raiding Trial

Do you know anyone in guild? Be specific if its in real life or in game. To be accepted as social you must know one of our guild members. This member has to confirm it with a reply to your application

nope, I dont know any1 in the guild

Character name, class, mainspec and any raid viable offspec

Fringos, hunter, MM, got a monk with tank OS

How long has this character been your main?

2 month

Provide a WoW Armory link below (Please logout in PvE gear!)
Playtime on your character (total and at level 110)

14 days and 18 hours

If guildless why did you leave your last guild? If still in one why are you looking to leave?

Our guild disbann

Are you prepared to be in a 20m team for Mythic Raiding and its limited spots and is your PC up to the task? Also how do you feel about officers analyzing your logs and giving you pointers on where to improve or where you may be making mistakes and letting the group down?

Yes, and i will do anything to come every time, and ofc tell if i cant come. I will analyze logs so i can upgrade myself and ofc do my duty in raids.

Please include any logs of your character here
What do you do yourself to improve yourself in terms of DPS, HPS, raid awareness or in general?

Analyze logs ofc. Practice on dummies, maybe ask a better player.

What made you apply to Epiunion?

Its sounds pretty nice! :) and raid days are perfect for me!

Raiding experience

EN Normal, EN Heroic, EN Mythic, NH Normal, NH Heroic, NH Mythic

Are you able to raid in our scheduled days? Sunday 1800 to 2300, Thursday 1945 to 2300 Server Time
We require our raiding members to have Bossmods, EPGPLootmaster, Angry Assignments and Ora3 installed and active during raids. Are you happy to run these? We communicate over Discord/Mumble so that will be required to have installed aswell.
Are you prepared to be able to cover the costs required associated with raiding - Flasks, Food, Potions, Enchants, Gems, Repairs?
Why do you play WoW / What do you want from the game?

I want a social eviroment with a lot of progress ofc! Not for hardcore and not too casual! Doing my job and help guildies as much as possible.

What's your expectations from Epiunion as a guild?

Well a lot nice people. Doing a lot of mythic+, and a great progress team!

With a few words, tell us what you will bring to the guild and how you can contribute to us and our raids

I will as much as possible to get progress to the guild, reroll if you want me to, or doing mythic+ and help guildies. I love mythic+, so ofc. helping a lot of guildies and then i got turtle to etc. soak and other stuff. I will bring my A game everytime we in raid, and maybe come with some ideas to how we get the next boss down


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After looking over your application we are willing to offer you a trial spot.
Considering you rerolled your stats and logs are looking good.
The only thing you are missing is the legendary's

If you have any questions regarding MM always feel free to hit me up.

Contact me or another officer ingame to get you in.


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